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DayFit is a well-established company that launched a family and friends health tracking app three years ago. It is available for both iOS and Android. DayFit is a fitness app that allows users to track the health of family and friends and provide fitness meetups. The existing app has ways to set individual goals, monitor them, and display them on the user’s home screen once achieved.

Springboard provided a prompt. The current product does not have a messaging feature. On average, user engagement is heavy for the first three weeks, then drops off, and users delete the app soon after. 

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PROJECT CONTEXT (April - May, 2022)

Mobile App | Solo Project




How might we give users enjoyable experiences on the fitness app?


Based on user research, the fitness app's purpose is self-motivation and taking care of the family member's health. However, most fitness apps do not provide a message feature on the app, so users use a different way to share their health progress and activity events with family and friends. Therefore, increasing the opportunity for users to message each other with health and fitness goals/achievements and creating an integrated messaging experience throughout the product drives engagement and repeat usage.


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1. Message

  • Send a message to your loved ones to encourage them on the homepage

  • Easy to track your family's activities and progress

2. Activity Meetup

  • Add messages when you share the event

  • Do not scroll to find your friend's name. You can search by name
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Identify Problems

Set Project Goals

User Survey

Competitor Research

Comparative Analysis

Affinity Map

User Survey

User Flows
Style Guide


Hi-Fi Prototypes

Interactive Prototypes

User Testing 


User Survey

I conducted surveys with 23 participants via Google Forms to identify users' pain points, needs, and competitors and to brainstorm an idea of which type of social media users are familiar with.

Q: How to share your activity with your family or friends?

Q: Which type of social media platforms do you use?

survey data.png

Even though participants use a fitness app, they share their workout histories with family and friends via text, phone calls, social media, and email.

Q: Why do you share?

I wanted to get an idea of which type of messaging platform participants were familiar with. They are using Instagram and Facebook.

Q: What type of fitness apps do you use?

survey data.png

Participants use the fitness app to track activity progress, self-motivate, and share information.

I wanted to figure out DayFit's competitors. Participants use a variety of fitness apps. Half of them answered they use Google Fit, Fitbit, Apple Health, and FitOn. 

Competitor Research

I researched DayFit's competitors based on findings from the user survey. I focused on social networking features for this research to gather ideas for messaging features on the app.

dayfit competitors.png
  • Apple Health has the most participants using it, but it lacks social networking features. 

  • Fitbit provides social features if friends are using the same app, so you can track your friends and family's activities if they are online. You can share your activities via popular social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • FITON is the most socialized fitness tracking app. You can send a message to your friends during online classes, and you can also call as well. This helps keep users motivated and increases usage of the app.

  • Google Fit also has the same features as Fitbit.


Based on research, I created two personas that captured the essence of potential users and their characteristics for understanding needs and pain points.

Persona(DayFit) 1
Persona(DayFit) 1

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Persona(DayFit) 1
Persona(DayFit) 1

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Based on my findings from research and business background information, I made assumptions about users and businesses for creating the main user flows.


  • Users want a choice over whom they can share with.

  • Users want to have a group chat/individual chat.


  • DayFit wants to provide a fitness meetup service.

User Flows

I created the primary user flows to determine how users take steps for the tasks.


DayFit flow 2.png


DayFit flow 1.png



Given my research findings, some design ideas came to me that addressed problems.


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Usability Testing and Iteration

I conducted usability testing with 4 participants. After usability testing, I discovered improvements, so I iterated my design solutions based on user & mentor feedback.

1. Home Screen
  • Resized the message notification icon. 

  • Gave the name of the activity progress at a glance.

  • Based on feedback from a mentor, the scheduler took up much space on the screen.

2. Quick Messaging on The Home Page
  • Based on user feedback, a user was confused about exiting the page, so I redesigned the quick messaging feature so one can exit the page without the need for swipe gestures.

3. Sharing Activities with Others
  • Users were confused about sending a shareable link to a specific person who was already in a group.

  • Redesigned searchable features for sharing a link. 

Final Design
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If I had more time, I would...

  • Design a smartwatch app 
    : Many users wear a smartwatch during workouts, and it can remind you and other users of activity. Users can also receive messages and notifications on the wrist; therefore, it can increase engagement and usage through an integrated messaging experience. 

  • Conduct usability testing with more participants
    : Due to time constraints, I could not have usability testing with different age groups. One of the users told me she used GoogleFit to track her children's health, so I'd like to research how it works for young children.