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DayFit-Messaging Feature



DayFit is a fitness app that I created for my intensive design course. As the sole UX designer, I was responsible for designing this project from start to finish, using research, ideation, and UX design principles. Springboard provided the background information for the project.

UX Research | UX Design | Visual Design​

PROJECT CONTEXT (April - May, 2022)

Mobile App | Solo Project



DayFit is a well-established company that launched a family and friends health tracking app three years ago. It allows users to track the health of family and friends and provide fitness meetups. The existing app has ways to set individual goals, monitor them, and display them on the user’s home screen once achieved.



On average, user engagement is heavy for the first three weeks, then drops off, and users delete the app soon after, so the company wants a chat feature to increase user engagement. 

"How might we improve user engagement and retention with a chat feature?"



Adding a chat feature to the product would allow users to connect and communicate about their health and fitness goals, leading to increased engagement and repeat usage. The chat feature would enhance the user experience and make the app more valuable to its users by fostering a sense of community and accountability.

Recording 2022-09-29 at 00.55.24.gif

1. Group Chat

The group chats feature lets users connect with their loved ones and share updates about their health and fitness journey. Through this feature, users can encourage and support each other and track and celebrate their progress together. This chat feature helps to build a sense of community and accountability and fosters a positive and supportive environment for achieving health and fitness goals.

2. Activity Meetup

  • Add messages when you share the event

  • Do not scroll to find your friend's name. You can search by name
Recording 2022-09-29 at 01.05.19.gif


Design Process
User Survey

To better understand the needs and preferences of DayFit's target users, I conducted a user research study. I recruited participants for the study through a LinkedIn group and surveyed 23 of them using Google Forms.

User Insights:

  • Participants did not like the tedious process of switching between apps or remembering multiple phone numbers to share updates with friends and family.

  • One participant even used email as a sharing method.

  • As a result, users are likely looking for a simpler and less cumbersome way to share their progress with others.

Competitor Research

Based on the results of my survey, I compared the features of the top 4 fitness apps, including Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit, using data from Versus. I also tried FitOn myself and gathered data on its features. My analysis showed that FitOn was the most socialized and user-friendly fitness tracking app. 

Competitor research dayfit.png

Based on my findings, I created two personas that accurately captured the characteristics and behavior of DayFit's target audience. These personas were useful tools for identifying and addressing the needs of its users.

User Flows

After identifying areas of frustration and unmet needs through user research, I created user flows to understand better how users interact with the product and identify opportunities for improvement.


DayFit flow 2.png


DayFit flow 1.png


Final Design

Given my research findings, some design ideas came to me that addressed problems.

Usability Testing and Iteration

I conducted usability testing with 4 participants. After usability testing, I discovered improvements, so I iterated my design solutions based on user & mentor feedback.

1. Home Screen
  • Resized the message notification icon. 

  • Gave the name of the activity progress at a glance.

  • Based on feedback from a mentor, the scheduler took up much space on the screen.

2. Quick Messaging on The Home Page
  • Based on user feedback, a user was confused about exiting the page, so I redesigned the quick messaging feature so one can exit the page without the need for swipe gestures.

3. Sharing Activities with Others
  • Users were confused about sending a shareable link to a specific person who was already in a group.

  • Redesigned searchable features for sharing a link. 

Final Design
final hi-fi.png




If I had more time, I would...

  • Design a smartwatch app 
    : Many users wear a smartwatch during workouts, and it can remind you and other users of activity. Users can also receive messages and notifications on the wrist; therefore, it can increase engagement and usage through an integrated messaging experience. 

  • Conduct usability testing with more participants
    : Due to time constraints, I could not have usability testing with different age groups. One of the users told me she used GoogleFit to track her children's health, so I'd like to research how it works for young children.  

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